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Benton Electronic Supply has a storefront for retail sales filled with racks of products that can be seen by it’s walk-in customers, including the engineer, the hobbist, and the technician. In the past Benton Electronic Supply has prided itself on it’s service to supplying electronic parts to industrial manufacturing facilities. Also, the company has always had a large following of antenna installers that purchased antenna and tower equipment. Today it is still all of those things, but now includes: audio, video, and CCTV. The company prides itself on it’s commitment to it’s industrial customers, and it’s antenna and video surveillance installers.

Locally owned and operated, we at Benton Electronic Supply believe we’re the small business that treats it’s customers like big businesses should. Without you, our loyal customer, our progress would not be possible. Thank you for your continued support.

Benton Electronic Supply was established in 1948, and incorporated in 1952. It began as many of today’s electronic parts distributors did, selling tv and radio parts, including the old glass receiving tubes. As time went on and technology changed, Benton Electronic Supply has adapted to it’s environment.

Benton Electronic Supply has changed it’s location three times over the years. Each time it has moved to a better location with more warehouse space to stock more merchandise. The company currently sits on a 4.6 acre lot off of the I-94 highway, near the Southwest Michigan Regional Airport. With plenty of room for expansion, this should be Benton’s permanent location, as the building was built for the company in 1991.

Benton Electronic Supply finds itself in a unique situation today. At one time there were many industrial electronic parts suppliers in Michigan. Some cities had as many as ten or more options. Today that is not the case. Many towns that you would expect to have a real Electronic parts supplier don’t. Many small electronic parts stores in remote locations do not serve the industrial market. Because of that and Benton Electronic Supply’s success in earning customer loyalty, the company finds itself as the largest industrial Electronic parts distributor in Southwest Michigan, shipping products locally and throughout the United States.

Benton Electronic Supply
1465 E. Main Street
Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(269) 925-0069
Fax: (269) 925-5520

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